erin O'Toole-Lyon, LCSW, CCTP

If you feel puzzled about where you're going, maybe confused with where you are, we can find your direction. Growth starts here...and then making the changes relies on you...

Maybe you've experienced recent life stressors, or loss that has left you not quite feeling like yourself. Life brings challenges and sometimes knowing when to ask for help can be hard...ASK anyway!

It could be that you're unsure of your gender identity, or are moving through the process of transitioning. I'm here. We all feel anxiety sometimes; but then, what if it gets in the way of your success? Let's figure out how to clear the fog.

Perhaps, you have been diagnosed with a mental illness since a young age, and living fully is getting tougher, and tougher...We'll work together to find your way in out of the cold...804.255.9386 or